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Strategic Simulations

Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of Europe

Kishi Densetsu

Star Command

Wizard’s Crown


The Forgotten Realms Archives

The Eternal Dagger

World of Aden: Thunderscape

Sword of Aragon

Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands

Panzer Strike

Pacific General

Su-27 Flanker: Squadron Commander’s Edition

Storm Across Europe

Realms of Darkness

Prophecy of the Shadow

allied general cover

Allied General

Allied General est un jeu vidéo de type wargame développé et publié par Strategic Simulations en 1995 sur PC puis en 1996 sur PlayStation. Le jeu se déroule pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et perme...

Demon’s Winter

Secret of the Silver Blades

War of the Lance

Pools of Darkness


En RapportPhantasie III

Panzer General 3D: Assault

Death Knights of Krynn

Curse of the Azure Bonds

Colonial Conquest


En RapportQuestron II

Champions of Krynn

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

Wargame Construction Set

Fantasy General

Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor

Red Lightning

Panzer General

Pool of Radiance

Roadwar 2000

Clash of Steel

Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

Panzer General II

People’s General

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed

Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures

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